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Whatever your business is trying to achieve, there’s an app for that. The challenge? Knowing if you have an existing application that can meet your needs, and if not choosing the right business application for your specific needs and ensuring they integrate with what you already have. As organisations shift to a cloud-first world, the choices get even greater. Buy new off-the-shelf applications. Opt for SaaS solutions. Build your own or modernise existing tools.

SoftwareOne partners with over 7,500 software vendors including an expansive range of business applications including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), IT Service Management (ITSM), Business Process Management (BPM), project management, databases, HR systems, legal software, manufacturing and a host of others. We work with the biggest business application brands in the world, to some of the smallest, ultra-niche solutions specific to your industry vertical. Our global reach and 30 years of software licensing and reselling experience means we can source whatever solution you need.

Not only do we assess your software needs and facilitate purchases, we also implement the actual business applications. Our expert teams bring workload specific experience, an understanding of broader business processes, and speed to results. By scanning your existing license and application landscape while planning a move or implementation, you can right-size the project from the start. This is where the SoftwareOne value flywheel kicks in, allowing you to optimise and innovate at the same time.

Most popular business applications

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Unsure of the software you need to solve your particular business challenge or need advice on the contract or licensing model that will give you most value? We provide buying assistance for procurement teams.


Application services

Buying ready to use business applications is one way to go. SoftwareOne also builds cloud-native applications from the ground up, offers application development, application security and DevOps services to help you make your business achieve more for less.

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