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Operational excellence

Operational excellence focuses on the optimisation of business processes and systems to achieve better results. The outcome? Increased efficiency, reduced waste and costs, faster growth, improved quality, and greater customer satisfaction.

But next-generation operational excellence goes beyond doing things well. It’s about creating a consistent way of working to achieve a common purpose across an organisation. Operationally excellent organisations tie processes, systems, culture, behaviour, mindset and daily practices together to support the organisation’s very reason for being.

Build the right foundations for excellence

SoftwareOne works side-by-side with you to understand your immediate goals and your larger corporate purpose. We ensure you achieve sustained high performance and efficiency in business processes by integrating digital technologies and strategies. This includes improved workflow automation, data-driven decision-making, and optimised resource utilisation. We look at the big picture and focus on the small details to drive operational excellence. Here’s how we do it:

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Cloud Operations

Achieve cloud operational excellence with a post migration plan that ensures you implement governance, security and compliance best practices along with a well-architected framework. Many organisations lack a well-defined security posture and strategy, or haven’t defined policies for infrastructure management, data, access and incident detection. You may also need established processes and procedures to drive efficiency, collaboration and the delivery of software faster with DevOps. SoftwareOne works with you to establish and maintain systems that work for you.

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Data Foundations

Operationally excellent organisations use data-driven decision making, rather than guesswork. The SoftwareOne Data Foundations services help you navigate the complexities of transforming into a data-driven business. We unearth the potential of your data, align it with your business goals and develop a practical roadmap towards transformation. This enhances decision making, improves operational efficiency, optimises costs, ensures data governance, and mitigates risk and compliance issues.

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SAP Journey

Modernising your SAP systems is a big job that requires clear operational roles and responsibilities to ensure both cost transparency and management efficiency. SoftwareOne helps you determine an operationally excellent path for your SAP systems. We evaluate your proposed cloud architecture against non-functional requirements to ensure optimal performance and resilience with adequate sizing and service level agreements. We prioritise data security and regulatory compliance and optimise the total cost of ownership for the best service delivery.

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Application Security

Cyber security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is a business imperative to find and fix vulnerabilities across your applications. Operationally excellent organisations use proactive security risk mitigation and remediation, ensuring confidence in application releases with security gates in place. SoftwareOne helps you establish a zero trust stance that allows for a cascading approach to operational excellence.

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FinOps establishes an ongoing methodology of monitoring cloud utilisation, identifying opportunities for efficiency gains, and continuously improving the financial operations of an organisation's cloud footprint. It includes the implementation of accountability models, automation, and instils a culture of cost consciousness to optimise spend and reduce waste. SoftwareOne FinOps experts collaborate with you to define standardised workflows, procedures and documentation that provide consistency across finance, engineering and product teams.

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IT Asset Management

SoftwareOne’s ITAM strategy and governance services help you build an executable, outcome-based roadmap, informed by maturity assessments and current state analyses to drive operational excellence. We look at governance, people, process, policies and technology to establish current maturity, highlighting the steps required to achieve the desired goals. In addition, we support the implementation of an effective governance and operating model to sustain the ITAM practice.

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Publisher Advisory

Software licensing is complex and constantly evolving. Organisations need to ensure compliance, while optimising spend and negotiating contracts. SoftwareOne helps you make data-driven decisions thanks to enhanced visibility of your environment and puts you in a stronger negotiating position for contract renewals armed with deep insights about deployments, usage, spend and efficiency. We help you define your licensing maturity improvement plan by assigning tasks and defining who should do what and when.

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Operational Excellence in action

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Reimagine your operations

Talk to our team today about the best services to help your organisation achieve its purpose through operational excellence.

Reimagine your operations

Talk to our team today about the best services to help your organisation achieve its purpose through operational excellence.